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Published: 04th January 2011
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Why are Eureka Forbes water purifiers rated amongst the top by consumers? There are several factors associated. And building a market rapport and maintaining it for years together is no easy cup of tea. Consistent research to incorporate innovative processes and launching ground breaking water purifiers from time to time is a regular activity in the house of Eureka Forbes. Superlative quality components are used and no compromises are made on this aspect. All Eureka Forbes water purifiers are true archetypes of latest technology.

Long lasting performance, effectiveness in purification and reliability are the characteristic features of all Eureka Forbes water purifiers. It is no surprise if you come across filter cartridges that get automatically cleaned during the filtration process. In the Eureka Forbes RO filter, multiple stages of purification involve the use of several cartridges besides the RO membrane. Raw water thus does not directly reach the membrane; it reaches stage by stage after at least two filtration stages. Even after the water passes through the RO membrane, it goes through another stage of purification; ultimately what you get using the Eureka Forbes RO filter is 100% pure water.

The RO membrane thus lasts for several years. Of course, you need to change the filter cartridges to ensure that you always get pure water. You may choose to use a RO filter by Eureka Forbes that comes with an indicator alerting the user of the filter change.

Under the Aquaguard RO brand by Eureka Forbes, there are several models to choose from. For example, Aquaguard Total RO PROTEC+ removes not only new age tough contaminants but also controls TDS and eliminates micro organisms facilitating users lead a disease free life.
Eureka Forbes Aquaguard RO
Total Reviva not only removes disease causing bacteria and virus but also eliminates harmful lead, a cause of brain damage.

There are suggestions posted on web about using the wasted water during the purification process in a Eureka Forbes RO filter. If you have flower gardens, you can reuse the water. This water can also be used washing floors.

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